Meal Replacement

If you are currently dieting, or thinking of beginning a diet, you may be thinking about some sort of meal replacement to get you through the day. The most popular form of meal replacement in recent years has been the Slim Fast shake. These are made to be taken as a substitution for a meal, and are meant to give you all the nutrition you need. Slim Fast may or may not work, I don’t know, as I’ve never tried it, but there are many people that claim this type of meal replacement was the push they needed to slim down. If you want a meal replacement for your dieting needs, you should know that you have other options.

I have a friend how has blood sugar issues. She is not diabetic, but if she cannot get her weight under control, she will one day be stricken. She is finding dieting to be hard, and nothing seems to work for her. She has tried meal replacement in the past, but it has done her no good. Because of her sugar issues, the sugar in these meal replacement shakes only serves to cause her to have sugar spikes in her blood levels. On the advice of a friend, she tried something else.

If you look in the diet and nutrition area of your favorite store, you will find whey protein shakes. These come with far less sugar than Slim Fast shakes, and are high in protein. You can add yogurt or fruit to make a smoothie or a shake as a meal replacement. She loves these, as they have helped her to fight off cravings by keeping her blood sugar levels even. As a result, she has been eating less, and is no longer bothered by intense cravings. She wishes she had known about protein shakes in the past, and now has a better handle on what her body needs, and what can hinder her efforts to lose weight.

You can also by meal replacements that are actual meals. These prepackaged meals come in the perfect portion size to help you lose weight and get the proper nutrition at the same time. These meals can be bought at your local store, or you can enter a program and have them delivered to your home. While they are technically still a meal, they are indeed a replacement for what you might normally eat, and can be the answer to your weight loss needs.

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